Friday, September 20, 2013

Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation Review

Everyone loves the idea of airbrush foundation and it's promises to deliver even, perfect skin while remaining weightless and long lasting. Unfortunately, airbrush machines are expensive and tricky to use without experience, and most airsol versions of airbrush are really thick and patchy or come with a big price tag. I am happy to say that this formula is neither! It delivers beautiful, even coverage and is only $26 dollars for 2.5oz! 

Rachel with and without the Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush foundation

Best ways to apply:
I like this foundation the best when applied with a flat-topped kabuki brush. I use one from Target by e.l.f. for $3 and it does a great job. Apply your concealer first so you don't mar the finish of the spray. No powder needed, even for oily skin, I promise!

I find that if you it spray directly onto your face (the can says you can apply it this way) it gets messy really quickly. I tried throwing my hair into a towel and spraying it on, but I still think it is a messy and wasteful way to use it. It has a natural matte finish that looks similar to skin and it really does last all day long. I introduced it to my good friend Rachel after she told me she was looking for a foundation that would smooth over her pores and cover well while still looking natural. I checked back with her after a week and she said it was the best foundation she had ever tried. While it is not my personal holy grail item (my skin is a tad to dry), I think it is a near perfect match for skin that tends to get shiny and has had problems with foundations slipping off.

Lasts ALL day
Photographs well (no SPF)
Keeps oil at bay
looks natural
covers well

Poor color selection, only 5 colors available
Can be messy if sprayed directly at the face

At the end of the day, I would repurchase this foundation to use on clients looking for all-day oil control, or for myself when I need a super duty, tsunami-proof foundation.


  1. What shade do u use?

    1. I use the lightest shade, Rachel (the girl in the photo) also uses the lightest shade :)