Friday, June 10, 2016

Heat-Free & Effortless Summer Hair

Today I partnered with the talented Deanna Mackenzie of Asanda Spa in Manhattan to bring you this super cute and easy-to-achieve hair tutorial. 

Deanna is a Senior Stylist at Asanda and has been in the hair industry for eleven years! She specializes in coloring, styling and cutting, and if you're looking for a fresh & modern short style, there is no one else you should turn to! Deanna says: "Being greatly influenced by both my mom and my sister, I had a love for hair at an early age. Lucky for me, I was able to pursue it as a career that I absolutely love. Doing hair for me is one of the many outlets that I'm able to express creativity."

Read on for the instructions, and follow Deanna on instagram: @colorcreatedesign

1. Create an ear to ear headband parting & clip away back center hair.

2. Grab hair from front sides, pull back and tie into a knot.

3. Let clipped hair down

4. Grab hair from sides and tie another knot on top of the hair just let down.

5. Tuck and secure ends underneath with a Bobby pin or hair pin.

6. Finish with Aveda Air Control for light to moderate hold or Aveda Control Force for a strong hold and humidity defense. 

What are your favorite effortless summer hairstyles?