Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Easy Neutral Eye

You only need three colors of shadow for this everyday eye look, a light, a medium and a dark. I picked taupe-y shades, but this can also be done with browns or grays. 

1. Place a shade that is similar to your skin tone all over your eyelid and up into the crease. This will serve as your base color.

2. Take your medium shade and blend it onto the outer half of your eye. Also take this color and start to build up a bit of depth in your crease with windshield wiper motions.

3. Add your darkest color to the outer 'v' of your eye and softly sweep along the bottom lash line.

4. While not necessary, highlighting the inner corner and brow bone with a shade lighter than your skin tone really finishes the look.

5. Add liner and mascara and you are done!

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