Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nars Sheer Glow Review

Funny story about this foundation is that I used to hate it...
When I was about 13 years old, I was shopping with my mom in one of the department stores at the mall, either Macy's or Lord & Taylor's I believe. We were walking through the makeup counters when I noticed some girls setting up a makeup chair and a poster about a Nars makeup event. When I paused to read it, they asked me if I wanted to sit down. We had nowhere else to be so I was thrilled when my mom said yes. 

At that point, my makeup routine consisted of a little bit of L'oreal Mineral powder, some lipgloss and a tad of mascara so I was super excited to be in the hands of professionals. The artist prepped me with Nars skincare (the Aqua Gel Moisturizer was AMAZING) and asked me a little about my preferences. She decided that the Sheer Matte formula would be the best thing for me and applied it, along with their primer and powder. I also remember that she did light purple eye shadow with subtle black cat liner even though I wanted her to use a sparkly bright blue turquoise shade called 'Tropic'. 

The finished product looked very nice but I was extremely hesitant about the price even though my mom offered to get it for me. Eventually I agreed and we took home the primer and the foundation. But by the time we got home I was an oil slick and everything was sliding off. When I tried it on my own the next morning it lasted better but it still wasn't amazing to we returned them. Now I know that the artist didn't leave enough time for the skincare to soak in and it made the foundation have nothing to stick to, but back then I was clueless and I figured I would never try it again. Fast forward to a few months ago, and now I love it.

without/with Nars Sheer Glow in 'Siberia'

This foundation has a beautiful medium, buildable coverage with a natural satin looking finish, it has a skin like 'glow' but it is not sparkly or intense. Marketed to normal/dry/very dry skin it is supposed to be hydrating and weightless. It is definitely weightless but it clings to dry patches so I personally wouldn't recommend it for 'very dry' skin unless you are really good about exfoliating. It comes in 17 shades and it's good for yellowy-golden skin tones that are usually hard to match, like indian skin. Nars suggests to apply this foundation with your fingers, which I have done, but it looks much better and more flawless with my Beauty Blender. It dries down and sets itself which I really like, but I still finish it off with a dusting of my Hourglass Ambient lighting powder just to be safe.  

Unfortunately you have to purchase the pump separately, but I think it's only about $6. The most buzzed about dupe for this foundation is the Neutrogena 'Healthy Skin Foundation' but I strongly disagree with that. I would say the closest drugstore version might be the L'oreal 'Lumi Foundation' or the Maybelline 'Fit Me' Foundation. 

Let me know if you have tried this foundation out for yourself!


  1. The Maybelline FIT is the best match!

    1. It may even be more hydrating than Sheer Glow! It is definitely a great dupe :)