Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wedding Day Essentials

I was doing a wedding trial for my friend Sarah and she posed a question that I get asked a lot:

"What do I need to have with me for the night?"

It seems like a simple question, and in reality, if you get your makeup done by a professional you won't need many touchups makeup wise. But I compiled a list of items that a bride should have with her for the evening, so that any mishaps can be easily fixed!

1. Lip Products. 
You will definitely need to re-apply your lip shade throughout the night. There will be kissing, eating and drinking and you will most likely want to touch up so that all of your photos look perfect. I love to use MAC's 'Modesty' or MUFE's 'N9' lipstick on many of my brides. I also love MUFE's Lab Shine Gloss in 'D16' overtop any bridal lip color. If you want a lip color that will stay on through absolutely everything (and needs to be taken off with an oil based makeup remover) try the MUFE Aqua Rouge line. 

2. Blotting Sheets
I love Boscia's Green Tea Blotting Linens! They calm the skin and absorb excess oil and shine without compromising any of your makeup. I carry these with me in my purse on a daily basis, and they have come in handy after the long days I've spent running around in Manhattan. 

3. Concealer
Concealer is great to have for touchup for under eyes or around the face just incase you tear up and move some of your lovely makeup. I recommend MUFE's Full Cover Concealer because it covers anything and everything and it is waterproof!

I also compiled a list of non-beauty items that I think every bride should be aware of because they can be true lifesavers!

*Sewing Kit
*Safety Pins
*Stain Remover
*Chalk (can cover up any marks on the dress that can't be removed)
*Bobbi Pins
*Clear Nail Polish (can fix runs in stockings)

Let me know what other items you think are an essential for a bride on her wedding day!

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