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Professional Makeup Artist Interview - Emily Hawtin

Emily Hawtin of EmMe Makeup Artistry is an on-site bridal and beauty makeup artist based out of Chattanooga Tennessee. I love the way Emily uses bright shades for a 'pop of color' on the cheeks and lips. That flushed, romantic style happens to be one of my personal favorite looks to create on bridal clients as well.

emily hawtin nashville makeup artist
Emily and I connected over instagram and I could tell that she possessed a super sweet soul and would be the perfect kind of artist a bride would want for her wedding day. So all you Tennessee ladies, check her out!

nashville tennessee makeup artist
Q: How long have you been a working professional and how did you get started in your career?
A: I’ve been a working professional makeup artist for over six years and I started my company (EmMe Makeup Artistry) three years ago. I started studying makeup in college where I got a B.A. in two subjects because, truth be told, I couldn’t pick just one. However, my favorite major was Theatre with a concentration in makeup artistry and costume design. After graduating, I became a Teaching Artist for schools in the TN and GA area, teaching stage makeup techniques while also working as an Executive Administrative Assistant (which is really just a made up title for secretary). While sitting at my desk one day, cranking out excel sheets, I realized I hated this job and I didn’t want 20 years to go by and still find myself sitting in a cubicle. So, with not a lot of money and a huge nudge from my husband, I started EmMe Makeup Artistry while studying additional makeup techniques at AMUA and MAC Pro and reading through a giant stack of business textbooks every night. Three years later, I’ve never been more grateful for that nudge.

nashville makeup artist
Q: When did you know that you wanted to be a makeup artist?
A: My dad, a beautiful artist, inspired me to be artistic in my career pursuits. I’ve always been drawn to makeup, even as a little girl. So, naturally, I fell in love with makeup artistry as a career path. I remember being mesmerized as I watched my mother apply her makeup each morning; playing with her empty compacts when she got through with each product. When I was 12 she took me to MAC and got me my very first makeup brush (which I still carry in my brush belt today). It was then that I realized being a makeup artist was an actual job you could have. Every birthday and holiday, I would always ask for makeup (something that still holds true today).

Q: What do you love most about makeup and about your job?
A: I love that makeup is always changing and evolving. Each season has different trends and each brand is coming out with innovative ways to apply and wear makeup. Being a makeup artist means you always have something to learn whether from fellow artists or clients. I love that each job is different and that I never feel stagnant; I’m always growing and moving. It’s one of the few jobs that I think pushes you to constantly keep learning and developing.

tennessee makeup artist

Q: What is your signature makeup style and what trends/looks have you been loving?
A: My signature makeup style is to enhance, not hide. I believe that makeup should be used to highlight and accentuate each person’s natural beauty, not diminish it. We are each individually made and wonderfully beautiful; so let's celebrate that! My favorite trends of the moment are bright, satin/matte lips, dewy/highlighted skin and a full, natural brow.

Q: What are some of your go to, must have, all time favorite kit products?

Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
BECCA Backlight Priming Filter
Stila Convertible Cheek & Lip Color (all colors)
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and Dip Down
MAC Lipsticks

professional makeup artist kit

Q: What products have you recently discovered and can’t live without?

Colour Pop Ultra Satin lips (all the bright colors)
Too Faced Natural Matte Palette
Tartelette In Bloom Palette
Clinique Cheek Pops
Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Highlighter

pro makeup kit

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
A: I find inspiration in everything: other artists, film, books, the seasons... Most recently I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of Netflix binging and I’ve been watching a show called Phryne Fisher that’s set in the 1920’s so I’ve been obsessing over twenties makeup and finding inspiration there.

Q: Who are some people that have inspired or influenced you throughout your career?
The people that have inspired me along the way and made the biggest influence on the way I view my art and my business is other makeup artists. To name just a few: Harriet Hadfield, Sanni Sorma and Lisa Eldridge (of course).

nashville wedding makeup artist
Q: What is your most important piece of beauty advice and/or makeup tip for women?
: Spend time and money on your skincare and base products (i.e. foundation, concealer) and everything else can be lower priced (i.e. lipstick, mascara). I realize not everyone wants or can buy the $50 tube of lipstick so spending time and money on your base products will make all the difference in how your makeup looks and feels.

Q: What is your most important piece of advice for aspiring professionals?
Practice, practice, practice! And, say, “Yes,” your first year to every opportunity that comes your way - no matter how small. You never know what that opportunity could gift you with. Always be open minded; you are never too old to learn.

tennesee wedding makeup artist
Q: What is one thing you wish you had known starting out?
I wish I had gotten a business degree in some capacity because starting a business with no prior knowledge made everything a mountain of learning that I had to scale.

Q: If you weren’t a makeup artist what would you be doing instead?
I think I would have been an elementary school teacher. It’s the only other job that I feel I could have fallen into and still been happy. It holds the same draw for me that makeup artistry does: constantly learning and growing.

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